Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hari rya yg MEMENATKn

today he came to my hse for raya...but we had argue...he stil came to my hse cz wanna meet my parntz.. my parentz didnt say anything to much..but they seems like him. well...no comment bout that..
then he asked me if i want to follow him go to his fren houses..cz quite long time he didnt meet his fren at kg berembang..well. tmpt 2 da xde..so msg2 seperate...from wht he told me..he didnt meet his frens around 6years i guess..not sure bout that..so we went to his fren hse 1st at taman batu muda.after tht we went to his other fren hse at bandar kinrara...wow! awesome! this is was my 1st time celebrate eid mubarak with boyfie...only ride a motorcycle,besides today wheather tooo hot! cant take it babe! make my head feel dzzy! at that time, i feel like wanna put off my helmet! urgh!!!!!!!! rimas! too tired.!

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