Sunday, December 26, 2010


just now i feel like wanna check my status for uitm...
n afta key in my ic no, then it came out my name! oh god!
i've wait such a long time!
but i cant go, cz now i was study at politeknik..
wanna know which uitm?
haha... UiTM arau perlis!!!!
damn! so far from my home town!
but i feel used to live here rather than far from my family  n my home town..
bcoz i do love damn very much live in my beloved home town than other places..
i really wanna feel the village situation as i doesnt have village..but....hurm...dont know why....
i feel happy n also sad...bcoz i really want to be uitm student but i cant go...
hurm..never mind...not my luck...redha je la...

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