Sunday, January 16, 2011

our coral has been judged.

hye guys!
assalamualaikum n good evening.
to all vips, judges, lecturers n audiences..
hey buddies,looks there,
so many ppl...
y are they here?
bcoz they want to c our perfomance
u r right
who r we?
we r future engineers..
we r from DKA 1C
Ladies n gentlemen
our issues today
they are all about

haha...rmi gile owg..nervous siyh!!!!!!
wlupn dgr cte kteowg masuk final..
tp nth a...pape pn keputusan msh blm kua ag
so kiteowg xsbr nk tgu...
the last part of our coral present

lagu for the rest of my life

for the rest of my life
we'll be with u
take care of ur self
anything that u do
and we'll be together
i'll be there for u, there for u...

i praise ALLAH for sending me u my friend
you found me home n sail with me
and im here with u
now let me let u know
u've open my heart i was always thinking that friend was wrong
but everything was chaged when u came along
and there a couple word i want to say

for the rest of my life
we'll be with u
we'll stay by ur side
honest n true
till the end of my life
we'll be loving u, loving u

for the rest of my life
thru days n night
i'll thanks ALLAH for opening my eyes
now n forever
i'll be there for u, there for u

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