Saturday, April 09, 2011



 wif afif n bie on my right sight..
i cant imagine how happy i am when u came..
only to watch hoobastank

 yeah... finally..

 here we're at the twintower @live 2011 klcc...
just wanna c WG perform on that stage..

 raining comes we didnt have umbrella..
cz the security didnt allowed us to bring the umbrella to enter this concert.. many ppl...hehe

 now u can see how crowded to be here..but we've to b patience to wait only for Wg n hoobastank to perform.

 in the middle, only for f@n zone area..

 me wif my lalink doradaniella...

 twin tower @live 2011

 im tired of standing for around 2hours 

 yeha..the lights come out...

 Dj from traxx fm n fly fm
 aishah jennifer sinclair

 wow! awesome...! WG hot!

WG was in that car...
we're at the back stage..

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