Friday, April 15, 2011

what goes around comes around

dear, no need to contact my friend if you can't find me...
this is all your fault..
you said that you wanna end like this because of me?
because of what?
i didn't do anything..
what you said?
i wasn't fulfill my promise to you hah?
no need to ask them so much
you want me to be far from u
but you never think that i can be soo FAR from you..
this what you want..
then i gave what u want
so what else you want me to do?
i already did it..
i'll never to pick up your call or ain't to reply your text..
no need to call me MA!
really suck!
i hate you soo much
as much as what you did to me
i was waiting for 3weeks!
but you didn't reply any of my msg!
u didn't pickup any of my call..
till i made my decision to come to u
only wht i have rm10 for me to find u!
i went to putrajaya sentral only for what?!
for you?!
but wht you gave to me?!
the words that i still remember "kita dah putus"
what's that?
you think this is a joke?!
i was there!
but you didn't come!
like mother like son
your mother promise me that she ll fetch me up at putrajaya sentral..
but where is she?!
the only that i got from your mom 'makcik xdapat amik iqa sbb suami makcik xizin kn makcik kua'
what the hell?!
you and your family really like a jerk!
that time i realize who am i to you..
what ever you try, it won't works to me!
so just let me go.
my wounded heart still bleeding! me, we never met before..!

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