Friday, May 27, 2011



today i woke up earlier because of i had to follow my mom
we went to clinic for checking my condition
actually, i didnt period around 3month.
so, the doctor said that she need to take my blood to know what happen..
i dont feel suprised to heard that..
because im not afraid of it.
3tube she fill in!
oh god!
what will she do to my blood actually?
ok...let me tell you
she will insert my blood into a machine that will seperate all those bla bla bla..
until she will found my hormone...
so then 14 june i have to go back, n will meet the other doctor..

ni la lebam nya..

dulu tak pernah la pulak lebam sampai macam ni walaupun tiap2 hari kena ambil darah.
mungkin sebab banyak kot.

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