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Saturday, May 07, 2011

photoshoot with ahsan

huh, finally jz now arrive at home...
only took bus went to ampang park, n then putra, stop at sri rampai..
photoshoot was at his house, villa wangsamas,
wow, so beautiful n very clean his house
well, he has a wife already, but dont have any child..
n only did 3outfit.
i think its quite enough.
but then i told him that i need to rush, cz im afraid of i might be arrive at home late..
so we did a few shoot, then finish!
b4 he send me back to sri rampai putra station, he gave me a chocolate..
n i was like...
owh...yeah...thank u...
but he saids that my photos he ll try to retouch s soon s he can..
n soooo...
the end~

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