Saturday, June 11, 2011

when i DONT know what am i wrote here♥

hey its me again! yeah! im sure,u pretty bored its me and me and me again and again
what will you do to spend your weekand?
hang out? only stay at home? or...????
ok.. i don't have any mood to write anything here actually.
its just i feel soo upset for what happen to me in this weeks!

please bring me the NUR that i've been searching for ! in my whole life
what am i doing?!
its so hard for me to fall in LOVE to someone.
i love to make friends!
yeah! no terms of COUPLE in my life for NOW...
but i cant predict the future.
who knows right?
MOTHER please find me a good HUSBAND!

are you nuts?
you still didnt finish your study!
your Diploma!
lets finish this thing!
i love you sooo MUCH people!
can i hug you?
please! please! please!

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