Tuesday, June 07, 2011

bLOg header created by cute photographer!

oh gosh i tried so many times to make my own header such as like the others blogger has it, make it with your own, then you will feel like yeah finally finish!
yesterday header blog was created by Qiqi Yukin.
add her on FB..:)
wow! she's cute and really talented on it..
can be a good photographer plus also can be a good model..
really kind, as long as i known her,
i wish that she can create more beautiful pictures after this.
can be like artoukgraphy,AnnasEaskey and so on lah..
i do hope that she will success in her life.
she still young.
but i believe she can create a great art work if she learn more deep after this about photography..
ok i will include my header blog that she created for me yesterday night..

i really THANK to you sis for create this header. and teach me how to do it.
and yeah!
as she teach me on FB, only chat by using IM actually.
she did a great job to teach me one by one to create by my self.
and i really can understood for all what she said..
just click that and that..
finally, i create it!
YES! I did it!
as you can see above my blog header that i create by my self..
(header i'm wearing now)
i cant believe it!
but i have to believe it!
thank you Qi!
even i know that it wasnt pretty enough.
this is her!

PRAY for you sis Qiqi Yukin!
hope you will create more art work after this!

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