Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grduation day (Elder sister 9 jun 2012)

I first want to thank you because you're am willing to come to my blog.
and I apologize because I didn't update for my sister graduation held at the MSU Shah Alam on 9 JUN 2012 equivalent on Saturday

 As usual seats for two people only, but we're THREE people, so I had to sit outside, waiting for an hour. Very boring when sitting next to people who are not friendly.

Not long after I'm going to the toilet, after my return to my seat, suddenly my phone rang but did not have time to answer the call. Oh! my dad called me! I saw my father standing in the middle lobby.
I go near my father and asked why he called  me just now.
Dad told me to follow him, I was finally able to enter the hall as I exchange with my father.
during my sister's name was announced I cried because its like a dream when I saw my sister on stage to received her 'scroll'.

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